Polarize Me!

A polaroid says more than a thousand words! This time we're going to welcome you on Saturday 10th Sept at E4 Club Berlin. Where thousands of party people meet and dance every weekend until the sun rises over berlin. Polarize yourself by getting photographed of the polaroid camera. Additionally we are proud to welcome our friends from Fotodings Fotobox with their beautiful device. #areyouprestigeenough to party with us?!



Save 50% of your bankroll !
Only 5€ entrance till 01:00 with registration.

Prestige Premium Clubbing

There's more than you could imagine as the clock strikes midnight, so dive into the deepest grounds of high society clubbing.

Prestige Premium Clubbing was founded on 13 January 2012 and is one of the most popular party-labels in Berlin. Our guests always enjoyed the thrill of premium clubbing in amazing atmospheres at extraordinary clubs.


360 Istanbul - 40Seconds - Adagio Berlin - Asphalt Klub - Bricks Berlin - Cafe Moskau - Dean by Amano - E4 Eventlocation - Felix Clubrestaurant - Goya Grand Club - Maxxim - Metaxa Bay - Mio Berlin - Prinzipal Xberg - Sodom&Gomorra - Spindler&Klatt - The Pearl - Traffic Berlin - Wasserwerk